Friday, October 12, 2012

Saturday Knitting Circle

We will have our knitting circle tomorrow from 11 to 2 pm.  Hookers welcome, too!  We have plenty of cheap, free, or fancy yarn for whatever project you have in mind.  Bring the kids, too, as my ten-year-old daughter will be there and is a great teacher.  Stay the whole time or just drop in.  It will be fun, and you can start on your handmade holiday gifts.  $5 - $20 depending on you level and needs.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Knitting Circle will be on Saturdays rather than Fridays

Hey knitters:  It turns out that Fridays aren't the best night for knitting, as Denver has so many other fun things to do.  We will start knitting circle on Saturdays, 12-3 NEXT week, as the Horseshoe Market is this Sat (46th and Tennyson).  Hope to see people out and about tonight at 1st Friday events.  And if you must knit, there is a Friday afternoon gathering at Wild Yarns on 32nd just east of Lowell. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

What is Bone Buttons?

Bone Buttons is a contemporary twist on the old notion of a trading post.  It is a return to a simpler type of exchange, one that is rooted in a small, local community.  It is a return to the concept of fine craftsmanship, the making of things of utility and beauty that serve the maker and the buyer in a life- and earth-sustaining way.  It is a place to learn the skills of fine crafts, good design, and eco-friendly production. It seeks to foster a new economic strategy based on entrepreneurship at the most basic level, the level where one becomes aware of the value of all that one makes and uses.  It is a place to celebrate art and an artful life with others.

Bone Buttons will host a variety of classes and workshops and invites inquiries from qualified artists and crafters who are interested in teaching their skills to others, and/or participating in our various markets.  We also encourage you to inform us of cultural events, places, and resources in the greater Denver area so that we may share your info with others.

One particularly new and exciting facet of Bone Buttons is our "To the Trade Only" market days.  We will set up a showroom with a choice group of local artisan wares for sale to retail outlets only, at wholesale prices of course.  We will assist artisans and retailers to forge a profitable relationship that makes it easy and beneficial for both parties to keep the economy local and the craftsmanship high.  

Bones are a remnant of life.  They are the essential part of an organism, the core of it.  Cultures have used bone since time immemorial to make tools, adornment, buttons, and money.  They signify the energy of life and the circle of transformation inherent in life.  Like money, buttons join and connect things, bridge gaps, make possible higher systems of order.

This venture of Bone Buttons endeavors to embody all of these associations.  We believe that making things of beauty by hand and in healthy and earth-sustaining ways is a practice that is in our bones.  And exchanging these goods and skills with others in our local community keeps the wheel of life turning. 

Please check back often as we will be posting events soon.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Knit Nights start this Friday, Sept 28

The studio is looking spiffy with half of it cleaned and lined with yarns, a large collection of old sweaters, fabric, clothes awaiting re-creation, two sewing machines, and a round table with comfy chairs for all who want to join the fun.  I will teach new comers to knit for a mere $20 or help someone who kind of knows how ($10) or just share the space with all who want to bring a project and join the community ($5)  Bring some snacks to share if you like.  I have a large supply of beautiful yarns to sell, and some freebie junk to learn with.  I have some needles, or bring some if you have any.  We will have a grand time!

Thursday, September 20, 2012